• Still available!!
    Drill box for the fast access! From Ø1,00 – 10,00mm, increasing by 0,1mm
    Content: Solid carbide drill, our type 30, right-hand, similar DIN 1897/6539
    Price on request!
  • Our new catalog is now available!
    After a long time of preparation, it was published in March and the prices will be valid starting May 1 st, 2012. If you need further copies of our catalog or other information, please contact us.
    Through our growing customer requests, our product range has also been expanded, note:

    - the solid carbide drill Typ 30 and Typ 31 is now up to Ø10.0mm a standard range.
    - Furthermore we now offer solid carbide reinforced shank drills as catalog goods (Typ 620).
    - In the router sector the single flutes (Typ 400) and the gravers with spiral flute (Typ FRS) are now new.
  • New Website
    In conjunction with our new catalog and price list, we've launched our newly designed website. Many thanks for the great cooperation from our webdesigner Scheiter Webdesign.